Discover the 3 new Finder functions in macOS Mojave

The file manager of macOS got a big update in Mojave. Get to know three big new Finder functions: Stacks, a new Gallery view and fast operations!

New Finder functions

Some new features of macOS Mojave jump straight into the eye, like the dark mode. However, there are also many innovations that do not stand out, but are super practical. We list the most important improvements of Finder

1. The new gallery view

In previous versions of macOS, Finder had the so-called Cover Flow view. In this view you got a list of your files at the bottom and large previews of them appeared above. When this version was introduced for Finder in 2007 (it was already in iTunes for a year), it was really hip, but in 2018 it feels a bit old-fashioned and outdated.

That’s why Apple replaced it in Mojave with the new Gallery. You open it as usual with Cmd + 4 or via the fourth display button in Finder. In terms of appearance, this view is reminiscent of Photos in iOS: at the bottom of a row of files, above one large preview. You also get a lot of information about the selected file in the sidebar on the right.

2. Order on your desktop with Stacks

Is it always a mess on your desktop? Dozens of files in different formats, a number of photos from the last holiday and another folder with documents that have to be sent. Try to keep the overview there. Apple will give you a hand with the new Stacks feature. Ctrl-click on your desktop and choose “Use piles.”

Then all files are neatly sorted by type. With one click you expand such a stack and all files appear. In this sense, it works just like a folder, except that a stack is automatically created and you can not open it in a window. To adjust how the files are grouped in stacks, Ctrl-click on the desktop again and choose an option in ‘Group stacks’.

3. Quick edits

The fast operations are also reflected in Finder. You already know the new sidebar of the Gallery view. For the other views you activate this bar via ‘View> Show preview’

In addition to a lot of information about the selected file, you can also find the fast edits you know from Quick view, such as rotation and annotation. If you want, you can add other edits here. With a click on ‘More’ extra options appear, with ‘Apply’ you add even more. Third-party programs can also add their own options here.

A handy feature of the fast operations in Finder is that you can easily edit several files at once – as a batch. For example, select a lot of photos that have the wrong orientation and rotate them all at once.


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