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New feature allows users to color black-and-white photos in Google Photos

 Google Photos is given a function to color black-and-white photos, for example from the time when color cameras did not yet exist. The American company announced this on Tuesday. The Photos app can also recognize documents and save them as PDFs.

The function to color photos uses artificial intelligence to guess which colors would really look like in that particular scene, according to Google Director’s keynote Sundar Pichai during developer conference I / O.
The function is part of a series of novelties in the Photos service. This is how Smart Actions comes with which the software makes changes that are available in a click. This can be the adjustment of the exposure of a photograph, but it can also involve recognizing a person in the foreground and then giving the background a less saturated color. In addition, the software will recognize documents, after which users can save them in pdf. It is not necessary for the documents to stand straight from the top of the picture: the software can correct them.
The changes will be available in the coming months, but Pichai did not announce when exactly that will be. Google Photos is the photo service of the search giant and came out three years ago.


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