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Gmail gets autocomplete function when composing e-mails

 Googles mail service Gmail gets a function to automatically add words and phrases in e-mails. The search giant has announced this at his own developers conference I / O. The function works in any case in English.

Google Director Sundar Pichai said nothing about support for other countries in the keynote on Google I / O. The Smart Compose function uses machine learning to make suggestions of what you would like to type. For example, he automatically enters the name in the salutation if the user has already placed the recipient in the To field and he gambles that users want to type certain days.
The function will be available later this month for all users of the new Gmail, Pichai said. Google released a new version of Gmail for desktop users last month, including smart replies, a snooze feature, and a possibility to open attachments without opening the mail.


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