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Netflix Original ’13 Reasons Why ‘will receive a third season in 2019

The second season of the successful Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why has already been available for a few weeks but has caused a lot of noise in a short time. That was also the case before the second part of the series was available. The timing would be somewhat unfortunate in connection with the exam period at many schools, and because the series is popular with many teenagers.

But after seeing all episodes, the American interest group Parents Television Council now demands that Netflix take the series offline. They also came out with an official warning . In it they indicate that the content and thematic elements of the second season are even worse than they had expected.

The group is especially concerned about the last episode and in particular what happens to Tyler. In the statement they state: “We actually wanted to see 13 reasons that offer hope and redemption after Hannah’s suicide.” Thus the Parents Television Council.


Also actor Justin Prentice, who has the role of Bryce in the series, lets hear about all the fuss. “I understand all the fuss, but we want to show you what it really can do at school, this is a problem that happens every day, especially among teenagers.” It’s good that there is so much ado about it, that means people are working on it. ”

Season 3 in 2019

Through the teaser below, Netflix has announced that a third season of the high-profile series 13 Reasons Why will be released in 2019. What the third season will be about is not yet clear. Possibly the writers catch it at the last shot of season 2, the moment Tyler was prevented by Clay from expressing his frustration and anger.

No more Hannah Baker in season 3

Leading actress Hannah Baker, the most important character in the Netflix hit series Thirteen Reasons Why, is unlikely to participate in the third season. Actress Katherine Langford says goodbye to her role as main character Hannah Baker, as she recently revealed.

The second season she actually did not play any anymore anymore. Because she was mainly seen in flashbacks or in conversation with Clay. That was still quite difficult acting.

She herself had already said goodbye to her character in the first season. Clay also succeeded in the second season, so it seems logical that she thanks for the third season now.

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