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Augmented reality helps blind people

Augmented reality can be seen everywhere and has many applications. Creating a layer on top of reality is the core of augmented reality. Apple, for example, has been working hard on this. With apple’s iOS 11 ARkit you can for example place virtual furniture in your home or measure objects with a virtual measuring rod. Pilots have been using Augmented Reality for quite some time, to be able to look out the window and see a display on the window at the same time.

Aira now comes with a special application. The Aira service consists of smart glasses, an app and a network of assistants. The glasses are equipped with a camera. Via the app the help can be turned on by an assistant, with a variety of tasks. The assistant then sees the surroundings of the visually impaired and can guide them through earpieces or give instructions. This service offers a stepping stone towards more independence for visually impaired or blind people. In addition, an increased sense of security also plays a role. The idea that there is always an assistant available to give guidance, can make these people walk the streets with a more relaxed feeling.

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