Microsoft tests sudo command for Windows Server 2025

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Microsoft is testing a sudo function for Windows Server 2025, according to a leaked build of that OS. The feature, which stands for ‘superuser do’, lets users execute commands in the terminal with elevated privileges. The function is known from Linux, for example.

Microsoft recently shared its first test build for Windows Server 2025, although a newer build was leaked via the Windows Update servers shortly afterwards. That reported Microsoft leaker Albacore first and became later confirmed by WindowsLatest. The sudo function can be found in that later, leaked build at the bottom of the Windows Server settings menu, under ‘System’.

Users must manually enable the sudo function for it to work. The feature will appear in the settings when users enable developer mode of the Windows Server 2025 test build. The feature does not currently seem to work in the test builds, reports WindowsLatest, which also publishes screenshots of the feature.

The sudo command has been in Linux and macOS for years. This allows users to execute commands in the terminal with elevated rights. For example, with sudo it is possible to adjust settings that normally require admin rights or root access. For example, on Linux, the sudo command allows users to install updates, uninstall apps, or adjust system settings.

The sudo command in Windows Server 2025. Source: WindowsLatest

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