Microsoft shows frame rate doubling Fallout 4 on Xbox Series S.

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Microsoft demonstrates how Fallout 4 runs on Xbox Series S at 60fps. The game appeared for the Xbox One and ran at 30fps. The game can run at 60fps via backwards compatibility, without the need for an update.

Microsoft previously promised that some existing Xbox games on next-gen consoles will get a frame rate doubling. Microsoft now shows this for the first time in a blog. There are only images of Fallout 4 to see and Microsoft is demonstrating that with an Xbox Series S. It is not yet known what other games will get frame rate doubling.

The framerate cannot be doubled for all games. This not only has to do with the required computing power, but also with the way physics and animations, for example, are used in games. This can be disrupted by doubling the frame rate. It’s unclear whether many games will go from 30fps to 60fps on the new Xbox consoles, or if they are exceptions.

All Xbox One games will receive improved texture filtering on the new consoles. With the Xbox One X, some of the backward compatible games got that, but with the new generation of consoles, according to Microsoft, 16x anisotropic filtering is switched on for almost all titles.

Microsoft also indicates that the new consoles, just like the Xbox One X, are able to run selected Xbox 360 games in a higher resolution using the Heutchy method. In addition, the game is rendered with a higher resolution. The assets such as textures do keep the original resolution. The Xbox Series X can run the Xbox 360 games in 4k resolution, the Series S does that in up to 1440p.

Finally, Microsoft announces that cloud saves will also be free on the old Xbox 360 console. Until now, this only worked with the paid Xbox Live subscription. Cloud saves were already free from the Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft puts a lot of emphasis on compatibility with older games. The manufacturer previously provided information about this and Digital Foundry published an extensive analysis. In principle, all Xbox One games can be played on the Xbox Series X and S and older games that were already made compatible with the Xbox One can again be played on the new consoles, often with improvements due to the more powerful hardware.

Sony recently announced that almost all PlayStation 4 games will work on the PlayStation 5. Sony also mentioned the presence of a Game Boost mode, which can improve PS4 games on the new console. Games could therefore run with a higher frame rate. Developer Sucker Punch has already indicated that Ghost of Tsushima can run at 60fps on the PS5 with that boost function.

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