Microsoft seems to work on a dark theme for Explorer

Microsoft seems to be working on the possibility to darken the appearance of Explorer in Windows 10. The function now only makes the bar on the left side dark and must be activated with a hack.

The dark theme was found by Rafael Rivera, who shared his findings on Twitter . The function can be activated by using the mach2 hacktool of Rivera and entering the command ‘mach 2 enable 10397285’.
At the moment the function only makes the sidebar with shortcuts darker and the main window and the menu bars white. It is not clear whether Microsoft is actually planning to further develop the feature and make it available to all users.
The option for a dark theme would not be the only feature for Explorer that Microsoft is working on and demanding . The company is also currently working on the possibility to add tabs to Explorer and other programs. That function should be available later this year with an update.