Software update: MySQL 8.0

 MySQL logo (75 pix) MySQL is a powerful open-source database server that is especially popular as a website and forum database. MySQL is used to store user data, statistics and various reviews, news and news articles. The developers have released version from the 5.8. For more information about the improvements in the 8.0 release, please refer to this page. Oracle has delivered the following announcement: Announcing General Availability of MySQL 8.0
MySQL adds NoSQL and many new enhancements to the world’s most popular open source database:

  • NoSQL Document Store gives developers the flexibility of developing traditional SQL relational applications and NoSQL, schema-free document database applications. This eliminates the need for a separate NoSQL document database.
  • SQL Window functions, Common Table Expressions, NOWAIT and SKIP LOCKED, Descending Indexes, Grouping, Regular Expressions, Character Sets, Cost Model, and Histograms.
  • JSON Extended syntax, new functions, improved sorting, and partial updates. With JSON table functions you can use the SQL machines for JSON data.
  • GIS Geography support. Spatial Reference Systems (SRS), as well as SRS aware spatial datatypes, spatial indexes, and spatial functions.
  • Reliability DDL statements have become atomic and crash safe, meta-data is stored in a single, transactional data dictionary
  • Observability Performance Schema, Information Schedule, Invisible Indexes, Error Logging.
  • Manageability Persistent Configuration Variables, Undo tablespace management, Restart command, and New DDL
  • High Availability InnoDB Cluster provides an integrated, native, HA solution for your databases.
  • Security OpenSSL improvements, new default authentication, SQL Roles, breaking up the super privilege, password strength, authorization.
  • Performance Up to 2x faster than MySQL 5.7.