Microsoft Releases Office 2021 Collaboration Features from Office 365 and Shows Design

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Microsoft has announced that Office 2021, due out on October 5, will include the same collaboration features that Office 365 already has. Users must use OneDrive for this. The prices of Office 2021 are the same as Office 2019, as was already known.

In addition to the real-time collaboration functions from Office 365, Office 2021 will also receive Teams, the company’s video conferencing app. However, that app is already available separately and for free. Office 2021 will cost 150 euros and there is also the business variant of Office 2021, which also has Outlook on board and costs 250 euros. The packages are an alternative to Microsoft 365, the Office package with a monthly starting price of 7 euros per month.

In addition, the Office apps will get a new visual style that matches the style of Windows 11, which will be available on the same day. The design includes more neutral colors and rounded corners. Also, the Office apps will conform to the light or dark mode of the OS. The apps are tailored to Windows 11, but the Office package can also run on Windows 10 and the latest three versions of macOS.

Microsoft has put a separate overview of the additions and improvements online. That is the sum of many smaller changes, spread over all apps in the Office package.

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