Password manager Firefox will soon be able to fill in logins in other apps on Android

Mozilla is expanding its Firefox password manager. Where it currently stores and enters logins within the browser, this will soon be possible on Android outside of it. In addition, the app will receive additional functions to secure that data.

Mozilla states that saved logins will soon work on the mobile sites and their app counterparts, just like other password managers. In addition, passwords can be generated by Firefox and the safe can be secured with a fingerprint and facial recognition. The same usernames and passwords can also be made available in the desktop version of the browser via Firefox Sync.

All in all, it seems that Mozilla is integrating the features of its Lockwise password manager into the browser. Mozilla says the feature will be available to users next Tuesday in version 93. Mozilla does not charge for the password manager. The company’s other services, such as Pocket and Mozilla VPN, are partly and fully paid, respectively.

Mozilla isn’t alone in getting further and further into the field of password management. Earlier this year, for example, Microsoft expanded in that direction with an application. The companies thus compete with companies that have been making password managers for some time, such as LastPass, Bitwarden, Dashlane, KeePass and 1Password.