Microsoft is working on Password Import option for its Edge browser

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Microsoft is working on an option to import passwords for its Edge web browser. The classic version of Microsoft Edge retired this month Current versions of the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge support exporting passwords to CSV files, but lack options to import passwords from CSV files.

Users who want to import passwords into Edge, such as from a password manager or another copy of the browser running on another computer, are experiencing problems in the current versions of the web browser. While you can use sync to sync passwords between Edge instances, there is no such option to transfer passwords stored in password managers to the browser’s password store.

Microsoft has launched a new option in Microsoft Edge Canary 90 designed to change that. It is an experimental option at the time of writing and that means it may never make it to stable versions of the browser. It seems unlikely that this will be the case for the password import option as it is an essential feature of any browser.

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