IMac Pro will soon be gone

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If you’re planning to buy an iMac Pro, do it quickly. Apple’s all-in-one computer is still available now, but that’s only while supplies last. Apple refers people interested in an iMac Pro to the iMac of 2020.

iMac Pro

The only iMac Pro left is the variant with a 10-core Intel Xeon W-CPU with a clock speed of up to 2.3GHz (à 4999 dollar), 9to5Mac writes . The other two variants are gone, they had 14 and 18 cores. In a way, it is understandable why Apple is phasing out the iMac Pro, because the iMac from 2020 is certainly daring. This computer has an Intel CPU with 10 cores and a clock speed of 3.6 GHz.

If you want just a little more power, you can opt for a Mac Pro. However, that is not an all-in-one system, so if you absolutely want that iMac Pro, then you should look at Apple Resellers or the old trusted Marktplaats. Or be patient, because Apple is rumored to be working on new iMacs. These should be released later this year and will not come with Intel chips, but with chips baked by Apple itself. That is not the only thing that is exciting about this new line-up, because those are also the color options: rose gold, green and light blue, in addition to the well-known silver-colored variant.

Apple’s all-in-one

iMac Pro was introduced in 2017 and is primarily intended for people who work in the creative sector. In short, people who really need a sturdy workstation to do image or video editing, for example. That’s why the iMac Pro has an Intel Xeon CPU and a new cooling system. The question is whether this ultra-Apple computer has become so successful. Firstly, it is reasonably priced and secondly, there are not many professions that would make full use of the options offered by the all-in-one.

If you really want this Apple powerhouse with its 27-inch retina 5K display at home, then you have to be fast. How much stock is left is unknown.

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