Microsoft: Europe must regulate facial recognition

Facial recognition is one of the areas of artificial intelligence where regulation is in order. That’s according to Julie Brill, head of Microsoft’s Privacy and Regulatory Affairs Group.

Brill proposes setting up ethical frameworks for the use of artificial intelligence, but there is also room for regulation for facial recognition and health. According to her, facial recognition requires making ethical choices for companies, including whether the technology should be used for certain applications at all.

“Microsoft should not put themselves in the shoes of a government. Not individual companies should decide to whom they sell the software and for what purpose the software may be used,” she said, according to the FD during the Datasummit, which took place in Dublin on Wednesday. According to her, the technology intervenes deeply in people’s personal lives. At the same time, she acknowledged that the technology is not yet sufficiently developed and that more data is needed to make facial recognition error-free.

In July, Microsoft already advised the US government to regulate facial recognition.