Microsoft confirms Windows 11 in DMCA request

Microsoft Japan has filed a DMCA request to take an article from Beebom offline after a build version of Windows 11 appeared online earlier this week. In the DMCA request, Microsoft confirms the upcoming Windows 11 for the first time.

On Friday, Fossbytes discovered that Microsoft Japan has filed a DMCA request. In the request, Microsoft writes that a Windows 11 ISO file is being distributed via Beebom’s page and that it is copyrighted by Microsoft. The message states that it is an ‘unreleased version of Windows 11’. That’s the first time Microsoft has responded to the leak and confirmed Windows 11.

Microsoft has already announced a Windows event, where a new version of Windows could be announced. This week, the leaked build version revealed that it concerns Windows 11.

In the meantime, the leaked ISO file has already made a lot of knowledge about the new operating system from Microsoft and we have been able to take a closer look at this version. That’s not to say that the leaked build version of Windows 11 is also the version we’ll eventually see at release, but it does give an idea of ​​where Microsoft wants to go with Windows.

The Windows event where Windows 11 is likely to be officially announced is Thursday, June 24.