‘Meta releases first version AR glasses only for developers’

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Meta may only release the first version of its AR glasses codenamed ‘Project Nazare’ for developers. Initially, the AR glasses would appear on the market in 2024. Developers can reportedly use the glasses to write software for future versions.

According to The Information is the commercial release of the first version of the AR goggles known as Project Nazare off the track. Employees of the company are said to have been informed about this earlier this week. The first version of the AR glasses was planned for 2024.

The choice not to sell the AR glasses would have to do with the high production costs of the product. In addition, executives of its subsidiary Reality Labs state that the AR glasses are not yet ready for sale to consumers, according to The Verge† Among other things, the screen brightness would not be in order.

The second version of the AR glasses, codenamed ‘Artemis’, is expected to be released for consumers. It would have a less bulky design and better imaging technology. Meta also has plans for a cheaper version of the AR glasses codenamed ‘Hypernova’. This could possibly appear in 2024 and can display messages and notifications from your smartphone.

It was previously announced that Meta may be canceling its Facebook smartwatch with two cameras. The wearable would have a selfie camera with a resolution of five megapixels. There would be a 12-megapixel sensor on the back. According to insiders, the device would initially appear in the spring of 2023. The smartwatch has reportedly been canceled to cut costs.

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