Meta Quest 2 Experimental 120Hz Mode Will Be Default

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Oculus will soon make the Quest 2’s 120Hz option the new default. For quite some time this was an ‘experimental feature’ that has been available since the spring of last year, but was not enabled by default until now.

According to John CarmackIn his own words, the consulting chief technology officer at Oculus VR, the move means any app that plays 60fps video should now consider displaying 120fps. According to him, this should result in the avoidance of flicker at 60Hz, among other things.

He seems to recommend this feature especially for video material. The 120Hz option is only used when the app specifically asks for it, and according to Carmack, there are only a handful of apps that really take advantage of it. According to him, most apps cannot run at these high frame rates.

On the Quest 2, developers can set the refresh rate, with Meta offering them five choices: 60Hz, 72Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz. The 60Hz option is only available for 360-degree videos and not for regular apps and games. The 120Hz option was made available in April of last year; if users did not opt ​​for this, they fell back to 90Hz.

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