Kiwi Farms offline: founder sees no future for stalker forum

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The American internet forum Kiwi Farms is offline for the time being. After Cloudflare and hCaptcha no longer wanted to offer internet services, a Russian service provider also withdrew. Founder Josh Moon sees no future in which the forum can be online.

Moon shared a message on Telegram in which he refers to the withdrawal from a Russian service provider. “Our DDOs protection service has turned its back on us. The slogan that Russia is a free country is therefore a joke,” it sounds. “I don’t have a plan C for a new ddos ​​protection service.”

According to Moon, Kiwi Farms can currently still rely on an internet host, but according to the man, that would also stop soon. Two other hosting companies are said to have committed to providing their services, but Moon believes these parties will fail to meet Kiwi Farms’ needs. “I don’t currently see a situation where Kiwi Farms can be operational,” Moon says. “The forum will either be a shadow of itself or jump from host to host with varying domain names.”

A few days ago, Internet service provider Cloudflare blocked access to Kiwi Farms. The company provided security services to the forum and saw an “imminent threat to life” at Kiwi Farms. Cloudflare said it was an “acute emergency.” Cloudflare was referring to the threats and rhetoric on the website that had escalated sufficiently in the 48 hours prior to the blocking to justify the blockage.

According to the American NBC Kiwi Farm users attacked and attacked a Twitch streamer at her home swatting done. The woman, meanwhile, lives in hiding and campaigned to take Kiwi Farms offline. Many suicides are linked to the platform’s stalkers. Kiwi Farms is an American internet forum that was founded in 2013. The site has become known for harassment from online personalities and communities. They would mainly focus on minorities, women, LGBTI persons or neurodiverse persons.

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