Magic Leap CEO: Leaked photo was a test setup and not a prototype

Rony Abovitz, the CEO of Magic Leap, has responded to the leaked photo of one of his ‘prototypes’. It would not be a prototype, but a research setup that the company uses to further develop its ar technology.

The photo leaked to Business Insider showed a developer wearing a large yellow backpack on his back. The Magic Leap headset can be seen on his head and he is said to have a battery in his hands that provides the whole with power. This is what the prototype would have looked like in January. The Business Insider report questioned Magic Leap’s progress, stating that the company needed to rush to put in place a working system for an important internal presentation.

However, Abovitz corrects this on Twitter. This would be a test rig for research and development of Magic Leap, but not a prototype of the device itself. The set-up in the photo is intended to help the team learn about light, structure and surfaces. “It’s not what you think it is,” he says in a series tweet. The man does not reveal anything about the actual progress of the development process, but only promises that he ‘will not disappoint the fans’.

Magic Leap is to be an ar headset for business and gaming applications, which should be released sometime in 2017. The device’s main competitor is Microsoft’s HoloLens. In total, more than a billion euros has already been invested in the company. That money comes from Google, Qualcomm and Alibaba, among others.