MacBook Pro 2021: Stolen documentation betrays all innovations

Documentation stolen from Apple supplier Quanta computer shows that Apple has many plans for the future MacBook Pro. It should appear later this year.

A hacker collective called REvil claims to have access to Quanta’s computers. So now they have already released a few things, but threaten to leak even more if Apple does not come across the bridge with ransom before May 1. Quanta confirms that there have been cyber attacks on their servers, but that this has no impact on their business operations. Yet there is now all kinds of sensitive information about the MacBook Pro on the street. What do we know?

Many more connections

A few weeks ago there were rumors that the MacBook Pro will soon get many more connections than is the case now, and the information that has now come out confirms that. On the right side of the MacBook is an HDMI port, a USB-C / Thunderbolt port and an SD card reader. On the left side are another two USB-C / Thunderbolt ports and also a MagSafe connector. The latter keeps the charging cable in the right place magnetically, and if you stumble over it, it will come loose.

The codename for the Mac that was leaked is codenamed J316, and there appears to be one called J314 as well. You could deduce from this that Apple is working on a 16- and a 14-inch MacBook Pro. Both models would get all new ports and an upgraded version of Apple’s M1 chip.

Design without Touch Bar

It seems that the MacBooks will also get a different design, but whether that will be as drastically different as this week with the new iMacs is still the question. There is at least one notable change: the Touch Bar would disappear. The Touch Bar is the touch-sensitive strip at the top of the keyboard of current MacBook Pro models. Its content changes based on the app that is running. The Touch Bar has never really been a success.

It is not yet clear when the new MacBook Pro models will appear. Typically, Apple presents new Macs at a keynote at the end of the year.