Lufthansa lets passengers stream movies to tablets and laptops

Airline Lufthansa will allow passengers to stream multimedia to their own equipment that they take on board from this summer. Via Wi-Fi, passengers can access the airline’s offerings.

Jens Bischof, who works at Lufthansa as chief commercial officer, announced the plans, according to Reuters. Starting this summer, some of the company’s aircraft will be equipped with a multimedia server that will be accessible to passengers via onboard Wi-Fi. This allows them to watch films offered by Lufthansa with their own devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

To provide multimedia content, Lufthansa uses a system provided by BoardConnect, a system already used by Virgin Australia. The streaming option replaces screens in the device itself. However, Bischof does not think that some passengers will not have access because of this. “Everyone travels today with a tablet or smartphone,” the CEO said.

Initially, Lufthansa’s multimedia content will be available on 20 Airbus 321 aircraft owned by Lufthansa. These are deployed on routes from Europe to Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.