Paris airports to test air taxis for 2024 Summer Games

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The French airport operator Aeroports de Paris will test two air taxi routes for the Summer Olympics in 2024. ADP wants to transport passengers via these routes. Several aircraft manufacturers and air taxi companies are participating in the test, including Airbus.

The first route connects the airports of Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget. The other route connects two suburbs southwest of the French capital, ADP wrote in a statement Thursday. The second route still needs to be determined where the air taxis take off and land.

In addition to Airbus, Volocopter, Vertical Aerospace Group, Lilium and Joby Aviation are also taking part in the test. During the project, they are supervised by the French Civil Aviation Authority. Together with the companies, he will test the air taxis under various conditions. According to ADP, other developers can still join the project.

The landing and take-off zones at the hub of Pontoise-Cormeilles-en-Vexin airport, which is north of Paris, were modified for the tests earlier this year. Several test flights were conducted there yesterday, including one with a drone that is intended to transport medical supplies.

In March 2022, the noise emission of air taxis will be tested to see whether it falls within the guidelines. For the test, the sound and vibration levels of Volocopter’s air taxis are measured during flights, both close to the vehicles and at a greater distance. It is not clear why only Volocopter’s air taxis are used for the test.

It is also being examined how taxis and drones can safely participate in air traffic. Ultimately, the Vertiport, designed by British Skyport, should be ready for use in June 2022. Boarding and alighting, charging the battery of the taxis and the maintenance of the vehicles are tested at this modular airport.

Concept image of Vertiport at Paris-Charles de Gaulle

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