Dark Souls 2 is coming to Windows on April 25

Dark Souls 2 will be released for Windows on April 25. Pre-orders of the game will be rewarded with the game’s ‘Black Armor Edition’, which includes a metal cover, the game’s soundtrack, and in-game bonuses.

Mathieu Piau, head of marketing for Namco Bandai Europe, says the game will be optimized for PCs. “Gamers playing the Windows version of the game can expect higher resolution textures, good mouse & keyboard support, and expanded framerate options.” These are aspects that were complained about by players of the first Dark Souls for Windows in the past.

The Steam pre-order of the game includes the soundtrack and in-game bonuses that the retail version also has, as well as a digital artbook and comicbook. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will be released on March 14. The retail version of Dark Souls 2 activates on Steam and the game can be pre-ordered immediately from Valve’s digital store.