LG Display comes with 42-inch OLED panels and brighter 77-inch OLED panels

LG Display makes OLED panels with a diagonal of 42 “. Until now, the smallest OLED panels had a diagonal of 48 “. Furthermore, the manufacturer says this year it will come with 77-inch OLED panels with a higher brightness.

LG Display says this year’s 83″ and 42″ OLED panels will join the existing 88, 77, 65, 55 and 48″ panels. It was previously clear that there will be 83″ for the first time this year. OLED panels will appear on televisions; Sony recently introduced its new A90J OLED television for this year, of which an 83″ version will also be released. The arrival of 42″ OLED panels was previously unknown and to date no OLED televisions have been announced with these relatively small panels. panels. That may change on Monday afternoon, when LG Electronics releases more about its OLED televisions from this year.

In addition, LG Display says it has made “significant progress” in image quality through “high-efficiency materials and the addition of a layer in the screen, which improves efficiency by about twenty percent.” The company says this higher efficiency means that brightness can go up further, though it doesn’t give exact details yet. This appears to be different from the way Panasonic’s HZ2000 and newly announced JZ2000 OLED TVs achieve higher brightness. These televisions from the Japanese manufacturer use a specially adapted OLED panel in which better cooling by means of a heatsink leads to a higher peak brightness. LG Display seems to indicate that it only applies these brighter OLED panels with screen sizes of 77 “; Panasonic’s brighter OLED televisions are only available in 55″ and 65”.

LG Display describes its brighter panels as “next-generation OLED technology” and says it plans to adopt this technology in high-end TV models. This probably means that the successors of, for example, the CX and BX OLED televisions from last year will not receive these brighter OLED panels. Recently, several Korean media already came out with some details about LG’s 2021 OLED TVs and they mentioned the name OLED evo. That is probably the name that LG will give to the OLED televisions that can achieve a higher brightness. The G1 was mentioned, the model that should follow last year’s GX. The OLED televisions from the G series are relatively expensive. This year’s models are likely to retain the letters to designate the different models and are expected to use the number 1 to indicate that they will be released in 2021.

LG Display says it will also significantly expand its midrange range. This concerns television screens between 20″ and 30″, although it is not entirely clear whether this also concerns OLED panels. Monitoring may also need to be considered.

Furthermore, LG comes with OLED products where the sound comes from the screen, a technology that is probably comparable to that of Sony. Sony has been releasing OLED televisions for some time in which the screen is vibrated to produce sound.