Kuo: Apple will release two MacBook Pro models with miniled screen in 2021

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Apple would release two MacBook Pros with a new design next year, of which the presence of a miniled screen is one of the most important innovations. That says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities.

Apple would release a 14 “MacBook Pro with a redesigned chassis next year, in addition to an unspecified second model, Apple Insider writes based on Kuo’s report that has seen the website. “MacBook Air. This device would also have a miniled screen.

Incidentally, Kuo predicted in September that the first Apple product with a miniled screen would be the iPad Pro, which should be released before the end of this year. It seems that Kuo provides little new information about this in his new prediction. Gradually, more iPad models with miniled screens should come out and the Apple iMac Pro with a 27 “panel would also get such a screen.

According to 9to5Mac, Kuo further claims that Apple will release significantly more devices with miniled screens in 2021 and 2022 than previously forecast. Kuo previously held it at 2 to 3 million in 2021 and 4 to 5 million a year later, but that would now be 10 to 12 million and 25 to 28 million respectively.

Those predicted numbers are inconsistent with a forecast by research firm DSCC, which mentions a total number of 8.9 million devices with miniled screens in 2021. In any case, it is in line with expectations that miniled will have to be more or less a breakthrough next year, partly because quite a few manufacturers seem to be betting on this technology.

Miniled has the potential to significantly improve regular LCDs. Due to the relatively small LEDs, a lot can be placed in the backlight, so that a much higher contrast is possible and the local dimming of the brightness can be controlled much more precisely. Miniled is not the same as microled. Although the size of the LEDs in a miniled screen is relatively small, so that a lot can be placed in the backlight, the LEDs are not yet as small as with micro LED screens and they cannot be switched on or off individually.

Current MacBook Air, with regular LCD

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