iOS 12 is already on the half of the iPhones and iPads

iOS 12 was released on September 17, and now the new operating system runs on half of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models that are suitable for it. iOS 12 will start much better than iOS 11.

iOS 12 is doing better than iOS 11

 iOS 12 half iPhones and iPads

According to data from Mixpanel, iOS 12 took barely twenty days to achieve this milestone. For comparison: last year iOS 11 appeared on September 19th. Then it took until November 6 before the operating system was installed on half of the suitable devices. On December 4 last year, iOS 11 was only 59 percent of the devices. So iOS 12 is much more popular – and that after a cautious start.

Speed, quality and stability

The popularity of iOS 12 is understandable. iOS 11 had many teething problems and that caused people not to switch. iOS 12 had some problems, but not so serious. Moreover, the biggest irritations have already been solved with the update to iOS 12.0.1 this week. iOS 12 feels all in all as a second chance. With this version, Apple focuses on speed, stability and quality. There are some teething problems, but not nearly as serious as last year. In addition, iOS 12 runs on all devices that were suitable for iOS 11 – usually there are some devices. But even the iPhone 5s can last a year and is much faster.

iOS 12

iOS 12 has some interesting new features. For example Screen time, to keep your iPhone addiction (or that of your children) within bounds. Or the new app Measure. IOS 12.1 will soon appear with additional new features. For example, we expect 70 new emoji, and it is almost certain that group conversations in FaceTime are possible.