iOS 12 Beta 9 is out: you need to know this

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Apple is well on its way: last week two new iOS 12 betas appeared and now there is another beta. iOS 12 beta 9 can now be downloaded for developers. Other interested parties can download iOS 12 Public beta 7 – in terms of content there is really no difference.

iOS 12 beta 9

Last week, Apple released iOS 12 beta 7 but it caused several hangers. Beta 7 was therefore no longer downloadable and was followed a few days later by beta 8 . The most notable change in the software last week was that Apple decided to withdraw the Group Conversation feature in FaceTime. We will not see that function for now.

Compared to the previous betas, the new iOS 12 beta 9 does not offer much news under the sun. The software has been further polished again; it is clear that the official release of iOS 12 does not take a long time.

New in iOS 12

iOS 12 runs from mid-September on all devices running iOS 11 and provides a good quality and speed improvement. Even the iPhone 5s, which has been running for many years now, gets a lot faster with iOS 12. Furthermore, the new iOS version has a lot of new features to offer. For example, you can limit your excessive use of iPhone (and that of your children) with the function Screen time . Task series can be executed super fast by Siri in combination with the new app Assignments . And then there is the Memoji for the iPhone X, with which you make Animoji that look exactly like you. More new features can be found in our file iOS 12 .

OS 12 beta 9 download

The iOS 12 beta 9 is available for developers with a license (cost: € 99). But there is also a free trial version of iOS 12: the public beta 7. There are no differences in content and anyone interested can download it. How to download the public beta on your iPhone or iPad, you can read in the article Public beta iOS 12 is out: this is how you install it on your iPhone or iPad .

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