Intel releases 760p series of affordable NVME SSDs

Intel has released the 760p series of nvme SSDs in m2 form factor. There are models with a storage capacity of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Later versions of 1TB and 2TB should come. The ssds use 64-layer tlc-nand.

Intel uses 256Gb chips of 64-layer 3d-tlc-nand in the 760p-ssds. Intel already used the same chips in the 545s series of SATA SSDs. Since the Intel SSD 760p series uses the nvme protocol and the pci-e interface, the performance is a lot better. Intel advertises sequential read and write speeds of 3230MB/s and 1625MB/s for the 512GB version.

AnandTech has published a review of the 512GB version of the Intel SSD 760p. The website concludes that the new SSD is faster than SATA SSDs in almost all benchmarks. It is not the fastest among NVME SSDs, but that makes sense because it competes more with SATA variants on price. However, the 760p is faster than the 600p, while the positioning in the market is even lower.

In the US, the 128GB model costs $73, the 256GB version costs $109 and the 512GB variant costs $199. That’s cheaper than the dollar prices of the comparable Intel 600p SSDs. Euro prices are not yet known.

Specifications Intel SSD 760p
Capacity 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB 2TB
form factor m2-2280 single-sided m2-2280 double-sided
controller custom Silicon Motion SM2262
Nand Memory Intel 256Gb 64-layer 3D TLC
seq. reading speed 1640MB/s 3210MB/s 3230MB/s nnb nnb
seq. writing speed 650MB/s 1315MB/s 1625MB/s nnb nnb
4KB Random Read 105kiops 205kiops 340kiops nnb nnb
4KB Random Write 160kiops 265kiops 275kiops nnb nnb
Idle consumption 25mW nnb nnb
endurance 72tbw 144tbw 288tbw 576tbw 1152tbw
Guarantee 5 years
Price in dollars $72.99 (0.57/GB) $108.99 (0.43/GB) $198.99 (0.39/GB) nnb (Q1 ’18) nnb (Q1 ’18)

Table via AnandTech