Intel Expands Atom C3000 Processor Line for IoT and Network Devices

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Intel has added four processors to its Atom C3000 line of processors for iot and network devices. The new processors are identified by their R and L suffix.

Intel announced the Atom C3000 line, codenamed Denverton, in 2017 and has now added four new processors to the lineup. These are the Atom C3338R, C3436L, C3558R and C3758R. It is not clear what exactly the R stands for, but these processors are variants of existing models with higher clock speeds, slightly higher TDPs and also somewhat higher prices.

The Atom C3436L is a quad-core SOC with a TDP of 10.75W and a clock speed of 1.3GHz. This can be seen as a more economical and cheaper alternative to the Atom C3508. Serve The Home has listed the updated lineup. Intel itself has not communicated about the introduction.

Table composed by Serve The Home

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