Google Stadia app includes references to limited-time free play sessions

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An analysis of the Stadia app for Android shows that Google is working on expanding the game service to more smartphones. There will also be opportunities for publishers to temporarily give players free access to games.

Google released version 2.19 of Stadia’s Android app late last week, and 9to5Google decompiled the apk to see if there’s any hints for future features. Among other things, the site discovered passages of text with references to demos, trials and other temporary free play sessions. It seems that in the near future publishers will be able to let players try out games for a certain period of time at no cost. Certain content seems to be only available to paying Pro members.

The apk also contains indications that players will be able to run Stadia on smartphones that are not yet certified. Players will then be notified that mobile gameplay for their smartphone is still under development and that performance may not be optimal. Currently, Google only supports Stadia on its own Pixel smartphones and a select number of smartphones from Samsung, Asus, Razer and OnePlus.

Google appears to be continuing to work on touch-sensitive controls for games on smartphones, in addition to the current support for game controllers. Texts in the app state that players can try a ‘touch gamepad’ and that there will be an option for ‘on-screen buttons’. Finally, 9to5Google highlights code that indicates that Google is engaged in party chat, so that players can communicate with each other while gaming.

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