Intel develops security-focused Linux distribution for drones and robots

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Imad Sousou, who heads Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, has announced that the chipmaker is working on a Linux distribution within the so-called Intel Safety Critical Project for Linux. The OS is intended for industrial drones and robots, among other things.

In an announcement, Sousou writes that the project will be based on Clear Linux. That is an Intel-developed distribution that focuses on customizability and uses bundles instead of individual packages, where such a bundle consists of several upstream open source projects. Also, updating is different than usual. For example, it is not possible to update part of the system without installing a completely new OS version. Those versions have single-number version numbers, with releases with the same number running exactly the same software versions, Intel said.

According to Sousou, the new distribution should further distinguish itself by being able to release updates quickly and a ‘highly automated release process’. The OS is intended to be used in systems such as industrial drones, factory robots and self-driving vehicles. Ultimately, the goal is to have two releases per day, just like Clear Linux. Intel is asking developers and other companies to join the initiative. Its source code is open source, except for information related to Intel’s proprietary hardware. A mailing list has been set up, although no messages have appeared on it so far.

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