3D Touch disappears in the iPhone of 2019

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The iPhones of 2018 have not even appeared yet, but there are already rumors about the generation next year. The bank Barclays has been informed by sources at Apple suppliers that the iPhones of next year will no longer receive a 3D Touch. With this technique it is possible to press harder on the screen to get other options. 3D Touch is on all iPhones currently on sale, except for the iPhone SE. If you believe this message, the iPhone X2 and the iPhone X Plus which Apple will present in September will be the latest models with the technology.

Context-sensitive actions

3D Touch makes it possible to invoke context-sensitive actions by pressing harder on the screen. That way you can view a preview of Safari links, play a Live Photo or use app shortcuts from the Home screen, but it seems that there are not many people who use 3D Touch very actively. It is striking that there are many users who do not know 3D Touch at all or do not understand how it works. On the iPad we have been waiting for an introduction of 3D Touch since 2015; on the Mac it has been around for a while, but then under the alternative name Force Touch.

According to Barclays, the disappearance of 3D Touch from 2019 is ‘generally known’ at Apple’s Asian suppliers. Earlier, Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said that Apple no longer wants to install the function on the cheaper third iPhone model with LCD screen.

Last generation with 3D Touch

Barclays believes that 3D Touch on all models of next year disappears, so also on the third generation of the iPhone X and the second generation of the iPhone X Plus with 6.5-inch screen.

A change in iOS 12 confirms this rumor already incidentally, partly. For example, with 3D Touch you could press harder on the keyboard to move the text cursor. Since iOS 12, these useful functions also work completely without 3D Touch, namely by holding down the space bar.

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