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Instagram will later show live which of your friends is in the app

Instagram has added a new feature that not everyone will be happy with. You can now see which of your friends is online so you can send them an instant message. That is nice if you use that chat function often, but it is also a great way to see who is really on Insta all the time. If for some reasons you do not want everyone to see that you are always in Instagram, you can also turn off the function.

It is a clear system: if it is on, you will see a green ball next to the people in Instagram and that means you can chat with them. You only see that indicator with your friends and people with whom you have spoken before via Direct. In Direct you could already see who had been online for the last time, but with these balls you have a real-time indication of who is in the app.

Easy expansion

The expansion is just as clear. You can choose not to see who is online by simply turning off the entire system in the settings. If you want to see who is online but do not want to be addressed yourself when you are in Instagram, you can also set your own status to ‘activity status’.

Then nobody gets to see you when you’re in Instagram and people who check your name in the Direct inbox will not be able to see when you were last active on Insta, as we explained a while ago . So if you turned it off at the last time your status was brought up, you do not have to do anything anymore. Do you like it, you do not have to go all the time to Direct immediately to see who is possibly active. If you use the chat function of Instagram a lot (really?) Then this is of course a godsend.

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