Number of active users of Mastodon skyrockets after Twitter restrictions

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Mastodon’s number of active users skyrocketed last week. This happened after Twitter imposed restrictions on users on the amount of tweets they could see per day.

The number of active users of Mastodon, something that the platform keeps track of on the servers page, rose from 1.2 million two weeks ago to 1.9 million now. The big increase came after last week, after Twitter set daily limits and the platform temporarily made tweets invisible to non-logged in users.

Mastodon previously experienced peaks in the period when Musk said he would take over Twitter and the takeover actually took effect. The last peak was higher than the previous one, because at that time there were a maximum of 2.6 million active users on the platform. That dropped to 1.1 million active users in the following months.

In addition to Twitter’s actions, Instagram introduced Threads, a Twitter clone that will be compatible with ActivityPub. That is not yet the case. Threads attracted 100 million users within five days. The idea behind the support is that account holders on Threads are not tied to Threads thanks to ActivityPub support. If they disagree with the platform or Instagram blocks their account, they can move their account and followers to a server of their choice.

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