National Heat Plan for your phone

The national heat plan went into effect. If this is the case, then you know it’s getting hot. We must protect ourselves well against the heat. But we can also use a heat plan for our smartphones . That is why here are some useful tips to protect your smartphone from the heat.

Do not put your smartphone in full sun

It seems obvious, but make sure your smartphone is not too long in the sun. The phone is already glowing in a matter of minutes. Especially the battery is at risk if the temperature is too high. This can damage the battery, but the battery can also expand and this can deform the case.

Disable battery-spinning apps and features

Netflix, Snapchat and games are examples of apps that consume a lot of energy. This makes the battery warm faster. Also functions on your phone such as GPS, wifi and 3G or 4G let the battery work hard. Switch it off, because this can save a few degrees.

Remove the case from your smartphone

It’s better not to use a case for your phone when it’s hot. Without a case, the device can better dissipate the heat. Take extra care that you do not drop it or put it in the sand!

Telephone overheated?

Is your phone off because it is too hot? Usually this is an automatic security on your smartphone. Put him in a cooler place. Turn off the phone and take out the battery if possible. Do not put your smartphone in the fridge! The temperature difference is harmful to condensation in the phone.

But, say yourself, on a beach day you do not want to check your phone all the time? Putting out, putting in the shade and enjoying the wonderful summer weather is still the best.

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