Instagram alternative Pixelfed gets a function to log in with Mastodon

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The decentralized Instagram alternative Pixelfed will have a function to log in with a Mastodon account. This should make registration easier for existing Mastodon users. Users can also bring accounts they follow.

Pixelfed then looks at which of the accounts are also active on Pixelfed, after which users can choose who they will follow on the decentralized Instagram alternative, is evident from Pixelfed’s explanation. Pixelfed will have a ‘sign in with Mastodon’ function that makes registration possible. Next, users must choose a username.

Pixelfed is a decentralized alternative to Instagram. The footage is stored on a self-selected or hosted server, after which other users can consult it. Since last month, Pixelfed also has a function to import images from Instagram. There are currently around 800 servers for Pixelfed, with a total of 173,000 users. Mastodon has many more users, currently around 1.9 million.

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