Threads is working on deleting account without deleting Instagram account

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Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, says the company is exploring a way to delete a Threads account without also having to delete the associated Instagram account. It is not clear when this feature should appear.

Anyone who now creates a Threads account can use an email address or an existing Instagram account. If a user creates a Threads account with an Instagram account, that Threads account cannot be deleted without also deleting the Instagram account. Mosseri says that it is possible to make a Threads account private and delete all individual posts without having to delete the Instagram account. However, he says he is also looking into the possibility of deleting a Threads account separately from an Instagram account.

Threads is a social medium that focuses on text messages, just like Twitter. The platform has been available since this week, but EU citizens cannot yet create an account. Threads now has more than thirty million users, but is under legal fire from Twitter, because the platform is alleged to have made unlawful use of its trade secrets.

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