Instagram allows users to live stream for four hours instead of an hour

Instagram has extended the Live feature’s time limit from sixty minutes to four hours. In addition, it will soon be easier to find these recordings within the app. Finally, it should become easier to find live content within the app.

The extended live feature is available to all Instagram users, as long as they haven’t broken the app’s terms in the past, according to The Verge. Instagram says it has extended the Live function, so that, for example, personal trainers can give longer lessons via the app.

Instagram also introduces Live Archive. The live recordings are archived here, where the user can find them up to thirty days later. Here users can choose to download or upload the videos to IGTV. After thirty days, the videos will disappear from this archive. This feature will be available ‘soon’. The latest addition is a Live Now section in IGTV, where users can find live content.