Microsoft 365 Consumer subscribers increase 27 percent to 45.3 million

Microsoft has 45.3 million Microsoft 365 Consumer subscribers, an increase of 27 percent from last year. Microsoft Teams now has 115 million daily active users. In April there were 75 million.

The rise in Microsoft 365 Consumer subscribers drove quarterly revenue from Office Consumer products and services up 13 percent. Revenue from the Office 365 business offering increased 21 percent from the same quarter last year, and revenue from LinkedIn increased 16 percent. This is evident from the quarterly figures published by Microsoft.

It was striking that the turnover from Surface products increased by 37 percent, while Microsoft had no new products on the shelves in the relevant period. The company did, however, announce the Surface Laptop Go. It became available this week. In addition, business Windows licenses for OEMs declined 22 percent. According to Microsoft, this was because demand was lower and last year was said to be a good quarter. Non-Pro Windows license sales did increase by 31 percent, as there was more demand for consumer PCs.

Microsoft also saw its gaming revenue increase, by 22 percent. This was mainly due to an increase in turnover from Xbox content and services of 30 percent. Microsoft attributes this to good performance of third-party game titles and its own games, as well as the growth in Game Pass subscribers. Azure revenue increased further by 48 percent. As a result, Microsoft’s total revenue increased 12 percent to $ 37.2 billion, while its profit increased 30 percent to $ 13.9 billion.