Instagram acts against users who buy followers, likes and comments

Instagram has started acting against users who bought followers, likes, and comments from third-party apps. That way, those users want to increase their popularity. Instagram removes the likes and reactions and asks those users to change the password.

Changing the password would be effective because those third-party apps could add ‘neplikes’ by using the passwords of those users have received, reports Instagram . This step requires users to give their password to such apps again following the warning that Instagram has removed the fakes.

The Facebook subsidiary would use machine learning to track third-party apps that serve as a service to provide accounts from more followers, likes, and comments. It is unknown how exactly that happens.

Instagram mentions the possibility to buy followers ‘bad for the community’ and it would stand in the way of ‘authentic contacts’ on the social network. That is why the site is taking more and more action against such services. Instagram does not provide figures on how many services and users it is.

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