Inspection shows unannounced cheap smartwatch Xiaomi

Information from an inspection in the United States shows the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, an unannounced smartwatch from the Chinese manufacturer. The name indicates that it is a model under the Mi Watch, which will be released in Europe later this year.

It concerns the inspection of the American FCC of which has put the documents online. The model number indicates that it is a watch under the Redmi brand, but the photos of the packaging show that the name will be Mi Watch Lite.

That packaging also shows that the watch will get a 230mAh battery with a 1.41 “screen. That screen resembles the pictures square, which would mean a size of 2.5×2.5cm. The watch also has a heart rate monitor and is Can be used up to fifty meters under water, the packaging says.The photos of the watch itself will keep FCC under its cap until next spring.

Xiaomi has not yet disclosed anything about the watch. The manufacturer will release its first smartwatch in Europe this autumn: the Mi Watch, which costs 99 euros, with a round screen. The Mi Watch Lite has packaging that is translated into European languages, such as German and Italian. Whether and when the Mi Watch Lite will be released and at what price is not yet known.