European Commissioner claims that the European Commission can split up tech giants

The European Commission has the power and the resources to split tech giants, says responsible EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. The move would lead to lengthy legal proceedings.

Vestager points out that splitting up would not be the only solution, Bloomberg writes based on her words in a committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday. “We have not had any competition cases so we might think it is the only remedy and the right thing to do,” said the Commissioner.

She emphasizes that the European Commission does have the power and resources to force a split-up, but believes it could lead to lengthy legal proceedings. It is not the first time that Vestager has started talking about splitting up tech giants. She also spoke about this last month.

A possible split-up of large tech companies has also come up on the agenda in American politics in recent years. However, no concrete steps have yet been taken to do so. Tech giants are, however, more often the subject of research. This includes Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple.