In Los Angeles, body scanners come in metro stations

At Schiphol they have been there for a number of years: body scanners. They are intended to detect metals and ceramic liquids, objects and powders. Now there are body scanners in metro stations in Los Angeles. Not from those big cabinets like airports, but a lot smaller.

Body scanners

With the body scans, by the company Thruvision, people from 90 meters can be scanned at the metro stations. The devices are capable of scanning 2000 people per hour. The body scanners are used to detect terrorists, but also to scan large groups of people at large events or protests. With radio waves, weapons and explosives can be made visible under the clothes on a screen.

Automatic weapons

How to see if there are dangerous objects or materials? The human body produces waves, and if these are blocked by an object, it is detected by the system. A black spot can then be seen on a screen. The scans are mainly focused on specific weapons that can cause mass damage. They also search for bulletproof vests. The system has already been tested and is expected to contribute to public safety at the metro stations.


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