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Whatsapp will remove old chatbackups on November 12th

If you have a backup of all your chats from maybe years ago, it is time to store them somewhere else. WhatsApp has announced that they will automatically remove all backups of chat messages (which are stored on Google Drive) from November 12th.

That only applies if those older than one year, so if you have recently made a backup is no problem. It is also not a problem if you have an iPhone, because then your chats are stored in iCloud. So this is only something to take into account if you have an Android device, says WhatsApp in her blog about this.

Save better now

There is a small benefit to the change: the backups of the chat messages are no longer counted for the total storage capacity of Google Drive. That’s just a small patch on the wound, because chatbackups are not that big either.

The advice provided by WhatsApp is simple: if you have an Android device, make a new backup before November 12 (now), and then there is nothing wrong. Then at least you know for sure that your important chats can still be retrieved, something would happen to your phone after that time. You can of course also set your chats to be saved automatically, then you will not lose anything.

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