Image shows Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 17 with second screen next to keyboard

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An image has surfaced online of a Lenovo laptop with a widescreen display and a second screen next to the keyboard. That second screen seems to be intended for drawing with a stylus.

It is a 17-inch version of the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus, claims leaker Evan Blass, who provided the image. on his Twitter account @evleaks has put. The image shown has a low resolution and Blass does not provide more technical details. The laptop has a remarkably wide screen ratio; it appears to be a 19:9 screen. That screen ratio is also in use with smartphones, but not yet with laptops. The second screen appears to have a more regular screen ratio, but is integrated into the design in portrait orientation.

Previous versions of the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus were smaller 13″ laptops with a regular screen size, with an E Ink display on the top of the case. Earlier this year, Lenovo introduced the ThinkBook Plus Gen 2, with a 12″ screen of electronic ink. Lenovo has not yet announced anything about a ThinkBook Plus 17. It is not yet known whether and when the manufacturer will announce the product.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 17 – Image via EvLeaks

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