Huawei claims it can design 14nm processors

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Huawei claims it has the technology to start working on 14nm chips. That is what a top man claims in a speech. This would put the Chinese giant about four generations behind competitors.

Huawei claims it has the software to design 14nm chips, claims Bloomberg, but it is unclear whether the company can also produce them or have them produced. Huawei is no longer allowed to work with American technology due to the US government’s trade ban. For years, Huawei had its own Kirin socs for smartphones and chips in network equipment. He had it produced at TSMC on then modern nodes.

Huawei therefore wants to build the software and hardware to produce advanced chips itself. China does not have that technology in-house, so it must develop it. If a Chinese company can indeed make 14nm chips, that would be a big step forward from the current situation.

If it were possible to make chips on 14nm, the company would be about four generations behind competitors such as Samsung and TSMC. They have already made steps to first 10nm and in the meantime to 4nm.

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