Former head Forza Horizon developer starts new game studio

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Gavin Raeburn starts a new game studio: Lighthouse Games. Raeburn is co-founder and former head of Forza Horizon developer Playground Games. The new studio is working on a new game franchise.

Raeburn says to to work on a new IP, but does not yet share any concrete details about this. He is assisted in the new studio by thirty former colleagues from Playground Games, in addition to other developers from the game industry. The studio will be located in the United Kingdom.

It is not known what kind of game Lighthouse Games is currently working on, although he does state that it is a triple-A title. However, Raeburn does not say whether it is a racing game, which he and his colleagues at Playground have a lot of experience with. Raeburn is a co-founder and former studio head of that developer, who works on the Forza Horizon franchise. He was also previously the executive producer of multiple Dirt and GRID games.

Recently, several other Forza Horizon developers also started their own studio called Maverick Games. Raeburn follows relatively shortly after with Lighthouse Games. The studio behind Forza Horizon, which Raeburn left last year, is currently working on a Fable reboot, its first game outside of the racing genre.

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