HTC postpones introduction of high-end smartphone with metaverse functions

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HTC will no longer introduce its high-end smartphone, which was announced in February, in the second quarter, as the company had planned, but at a later date. The cause lies with delivery problems that HTC attributes to the corona crisis.

HTC is dealing with issues in the global supply chain and new smartphones will not be unveiled by the company in the second quarter as originally planned. That writes HTC in response to customer inquiries† The Taiwanese company will not publish further information about the postponement. It is unknown, for example, when the device should still appear.

After Mobile World Congress at the end of February, HTC announced that it would introduce a new high-end smartphone in April. HTC’s Asian market manager said at the time that the smartphone offers AR and VR applications and that the Viveverse, HTC’s version of a metaverse, will play an important role in the smartphone’s software. It is not known whether HTC plans to release the smartphone outside of Asia.

In 2018 HTC released high-end smartphones for the last time, U12 and U12+. In 2019, for example, the ‘blockchain phone’ Exodus 1 appeared, but that was a relatively cheap device.

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