How To Create Your Own Desktop Background For Your Mac

In this tutorial, we will tell you How To Create Your Own Desktop Background For Your Mac.

1. Create desktop background Mac

Go to in Safari and you will immediately see a beautiful wallpaper. With the button ‘Generate’ on the left, you create a new one. And with the Save buttons at the bottom, you can save a successful wallpaper.

2. Dark mode

Play with the parameters on the left of the screen for a new wallpaper. For example, set ‘Background’ to black, for a wallpaper in dark mode. Click on ‘Generate’ to see the result.

3. Format

For which device do you make a wallpaper? Click on ‘Image Size’ and select the screen size of your Mac. You can enter the format yourself via Custom. Click on ‘Apple> About This Mac> Displays’ and you will see exactly the number of pixels you need to enter!

4. Something else

Prefer a different shape than circles? Fine: choose a different ‘shape’ in the panel on the left. And also above and below the image you will find various presets for a completely different style.

5. Add text

Tap on ‘Add text’ in the sidebar and you will get a lot of extra settings for text. At the top you type the desired text, with the menu below you determine what it looks like. Play with the font and colors.

6. Position

You can put the text in different places in the wallpaper. You are bound to a few fixed positions. For example, choose Bottom Left for ‘Text Position’. You can add the text via ‘Add text’.

7. Set Wallpaper Mac

Click on ‘Save as …’ to save your creation in your Downloads folder. In Finder, go to the Downloads folder and ctrl-click the file. Then click on ‘Services> Set desktop background’.

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