Happy World Emoji Day!

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Today 17 July is the World Emoji Day . A day when you can stop and think about the impact that the smiley and all emoji have had on our lives. Do you sometimes send a Whatsapp message without adding a smiley at the end of a sentence. And what is the emoji that you use the most? A question that will be asked more often today.

Our favorite emoji: the cowboy of course ????

45 years Smiley

The Smiley, conceived and captured by The Smiley Company, has been an important part of the way we share a happy feeling for 45 years. The current CEO, Nicolas Loufrani, developed the smoky yellow circle to no less than 3,645 Emoji ‘s that were recorded in the Smiley dictionary in 2001. This dictionary formed the basis for the emoji ‘s that we all use today in our communication. The dictionary contains icons in different categories such as emotions, adjectives, verbs, objects and animals.

Nicolas Loufrani’s Smiley, as a brand image, is a true evergreen, which has influenced several music generations, cultures and movements in their search for happiness. Meanwhile the Smiley is more than just an icon, it is a brand and a lifestyle; a philosophy that reminds people how powerful a smile or a smile can be.

“My idea for Smiley’s was simply to create a new universal language that was accessible to everyone at the same time, regardless of age, language, gender, race or religion” – Nicolas Loufrani

The often unknown story behind all emojis is nicely displayed in the infographic below.

Inhakers on Twitter

And of course many people, companies, media and brands get involved in World Emoji Day. A nice overview of this can be found below. If something is missing, let us know and we will add it.

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